Fixing Too Many Requests Error in s3 gateway

Is there plan to have S3 gateway support rate-limitting so we dont get errors saying “Too Many Requests”. I am using s3 gateway and some operations (backup pruning) are resulting in way too many rate-limit errors. I feel like I am DDOS-ing the service because of the number of errors I am seeing. Can S3 Gateway delay requests so it does not hit the rate-limit?

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Hopefully they will remove rate-limiting altogether.


@570RJ Thanks for reporting the issue. It is possible that the S3 gateway isn’t handling the rate limiting message from the server-side correctly. It should be taking the “Too Many Requests” message and converting that into a 429 or 503 response code. Which should cause the backup software to slow down as necessary. I can’t say when this would land though. For the time being does your backup software support a rate limit flag? You may also submit limit increase request at (put in the description that you are looking specifically for a rate limit increase).