Folder archive filled with orders. Is this messing with my node uptime?

Last time (‎5 ‎November) there was 308 orders in the \orders\archive folder and today there are 816 orders.
Are all these archived orders, unsent orders?
Are these archived orders messing with my node uptime?

I used PowerShell to check orders and I did not find any issue. Please help, Thank you.

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No. They are archived after being submitted. They get deleted after 7 days. You can safely ignore them.

They won’t affect uptime.

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Then why my node uptime is getting down slowly everyday?
My node Uptime was above 99% on all satellites.

I am wondering the same. I am trying to figure it out too. In the past 14 hours my uptime went down by 0.3%.

Do you have failed downloads ?

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I’m using the GUI windows version. How to check for failed downloads?

Search for download failed in your log

In PowerShell it would be something like

 Get-Content <path to your log file> | sls "download failed"

I found a lot of “Download Failed” mentioned in the log. What I must do to prevent this?

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I found out that the online % isn’t real time. If your node was offline it will affect online %. It won’t be related to orders or file download failure.

How long was your node down before current run ?

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My node run 24/7, I recently restarted my node to get version v1.16.1. At the start of the month I got the unsent order issue. My uptime went down, trying to fix the issue. But still its taking a long time for the uptime to go back up!

This is the reason for the decrease in your online %. It will take time to get back to up. Make sure your downtime is as low as possible.

Yes, the review interval - is a next 30 days.

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