For new Storj ONap or Synology or raspberry

Hello, I would like to open a new node and would also like to plan for the future. Options are qnap or synology. I already have a Raspberry Pi but 2x10tb is the max because of the weak performance. What would you recommend 4bay housing Qnap or Synology. And what is the most stable think about 4x15tg hdd in the future

This question makes no sense. Are you planning to buy equipment just to run storage node? Why?

What hardware are you already running? Use that, if you have spare capacity.
Half the price of Syno.

The mini pc with usbhub or the big case with motherboard?

I built a PC case version. I stay away from USB connections for drives.

Ok but the motherboards only have 2 sata ports. Do you only have 2 HDDs?

…and it become not so attractive as rpi4/5, isn’t it?

I still like this one:

You should ask the questions on that thread, to keep the conversation in one place.
I can use pcie sata addapters to add more ports.
On rpi you start with 0 sata ports.