For SALE : storage node

Is it allowed to sell or give away a storagenode? I know about graceful exit…

(I’ve made a mistake and overloaded my broadband with too many nodes)

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pretty sure you cannot do that…
i mean you can most likely transfer the data and node id to someone else and they can run it for their wallet.

i doubt storj would want to, and really you duno what you are storing, it might mostly be test data…
so if it was 10tb then it would be worth 15$ a month, ofc you would need to move it over the internet, and the 15$ is only viable until its deleted.

so lets say you could get somebody to pay 50$ for that seem not totally unreasonable, even tho it might be on the high end…

so lets say you could transfer with 100mbit, seems pretty reasonable, last time i checked my connection to the states i got about 200mbit on a 400/400mbit connection.

so 100mbit is 12MByte/s and so multiplied by 3600 to get an hour which is 43GB/h so 10TB is about 250 times larger than that, so it would take you about 10 and a half days to transfer it.

so really the affordability of even attempting to sell a node at present is financially and practically null and void.

the numbers doesn’t add up, atleast for now… maybe in the future if we start to see high uploads also.

you might be able to pass it on locally to somebody, but then it’s also sort of bypassing the vetting process, which is sort of designed to weed out the bad hosts…

so yeah, don’t do that, but i don’t think there is any rules against it… but there certainly should be either rules against it or something that prevents it from being done, and if it was done a new host should be revetted i guess…

lol, no I meant the disk it is on!

Section: 8. USER CONDUCT -> e

so you are trying to sell a harddrive…?
again most likely best done in your local region… global postage is a bitch

i guess than means you should empty it first… its illegal to sell it unclean.

It should be possible in theory. It is basically the same thing as migrating your node to a new device.

However shipping it to some place can take a while. So it would probably be best to sell it to someone who can pick it up

Reading the terms, it is not allowed so I might just “furlough” a node instead

I don’t think the clause @nerdatwork pointed to applies here. You’re not selling Storj products or services. You’re selling hardware and a node identity and data.

That said, nobody should want to pay any money for this, more than what the HDD is worth. You can never be sure that the original SNO doesn’t still have access to the identity of the node and they could use that access to advertise different payout information to the satellites in order to steal pay from the node that the buyer is now running. Additionally there is no way to check for reputation and the node may already be missing data.

If you want to sell the HDD to someone who uses it to start a new node, fine, but they shouldn’t continue to run an existing node they can’t be sure they actually have control over.


The online storage sharing services (the “Storage Services”) provided by Company to Users via the distributed network of independently operated computers or other electronic data storage devices (“Devices”) running the storage node software which, when installed on a Device, enables such Device to participate the online storage sharing services provided to Users (the “Storage Node Software”) (each a “Storage Node” which collectively comprise the “Storage Network”) and configured to communicate with the Storage Services; and

The sharing of storage space and bandwidth on a Storage Node as part of the Storage Network (the “Storage Node Operator Services” by an individual or entity operating one or more Storage Nodes (a “Storage Node Operator”);

This is my understanding. The data that is stored is not owned by SNO; it belongs to the customer. Even though its encrypted and can’t be misused (some might argue it can but that’s not the point here) you are potentially selling customer’s data without permission.

I’ve found a way to solve my problems. I can lower my disk space so that a node is full in a short time and increase it later when bandwidth is available again