For the last couple of days now the CLI dashboard seems to be stuck

In the graph with all satellites, mousing over the graph, Wednesday’s “Usage” was 159GB and 2.62 “Repair”.

Today’s “Usage” is 4.8GB and 1.99 “Repair”.

I see the double amount in AUDIT verifications, maybe they want to fire some nodes…or somethng

There’s another thread with related bandwidth drop: Sustained 200mbps ingress

Looks like there’s some re configuring going on.

A suggestion: It would be great if the storagenode dashboard alerts mentioned work that may have a large effect on our nodes, so we don’t go running around wondering if something is broken on our side, or elsewhere.

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Yes that’s the graph for all satellites.
It looks like bandwidth went down massively around 6th of May from all satellites except Europe-North and did not recover properly.