Force Graceful exit? (not for the "money")

Hello there. my 2 nodes recently, from the blue, got disqualified in 2 satellites, from europe. One node was 7+ month old and the other 3 weeks or so. I feel like those satellites had some connection issues with US or my ISP or not really understand what happen. In any case I expend too much time on this. I tried hard to keep a server working for the project itself, since in the US, the payment wont cover 1 hours of “work” anyway, but was a fun project.

Anyway, I cant do the graceful exit. it just says:
" You are not allowed to initiate graceful exit on satellite for next amount of months:
Error: You are not allowed to graceful exit on some of provided satellites"

Without saying the amount of month.

My last try for this community, is there any way to force the grateful exit, without getting paid or anything? I just want to help to send the 9TB back to other nodes.

If not, I will just turn off the node and delete data.


Nope you cannot this has been asked many times once your node is DQed the data is no longer “trusted”.
Just delete your data and if you wanna start over thats pretty much the only thing to do. Also I would try to figure out why it happened.

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Well Im DQed from 2 satellites in Europe but I’m “ok” on others.

I took a look at the log, nothing there, specially easy at the new node that is couple weeks old. that node was DQed too on same satellites and there is no error at old more than some connection closed.

So Im just guessing that the satellites could not connect or something and the audit score went down.
which is even worst. Since that is completely out of my reach. My node was up like 98% of the 7+ time and installed UPS, redundancy, etc etc. and now I know that I can get DQed anyway for reasons that I dont have control over.

You can’t exit satellites europe-north-1 yet as that satellite is too young. Omit that one from the list and the exit should work. If something isn’t working you can try just starting the exit one by one.

Sounds like the error message for this may need some more information.

I do want to add that disqualification can only happen as a result of failed audits. This means the node is responding to the satellite and online, but actively either tells the satellite it can’t access the data or delivers corrupt data. Even timeouts or other errors would currently only lead to suspension. So basically disqualification can only happen if data is lost, inaccessible or corrupt.

Edit: Forgot to mention you should probably wait a bit anyway as they are working on some issues with GE that will soon be fixed.

Oh yeah cause they just updated thats unfortunate to be able to view the logs probably better to send the log somewhere so it saves it so when ever the node updates you still have a log as backup.