Forum Change Reques

Hi I signed up for the beta program, It would be nice to be able to close the Join Beta tab.


Not everyone visits here daily. Some might still want to join. Storj should keep it open as long as it takes. Remember if devs like it then they might bring more clients :slight_smile:

I understand you want it like a popup that you can dismiss because it’s not relevant to you anymore as you have joined. It’s a banner now, I think.


HI @Skyblockpro1 Thanks for the mention. We’re still working on how to display information in the best way for things like this.

For the meantime though, this beta test is really important and we need to give the product team all the help the can get , by helping to recruit testers. So I hope you can forgive and be a little patient just for now. We really appreciate that :pray:

Ive spoken to our designer about some other changes as well, so in the future visitors probably wont deal with the same issue on future campaigns