Forum checks after new Updates (Deutsch/Englisch)

I write this Topic in two Languages. Thirst in German and second in Englisch. For the Englisch Version please scroll down.


Hallo zusammen,

meine Idee / Vorschlag / Verbesserung wäre dass die Devs doch gerade nach Updates öfters mal in das Forum schauen um zu prüfen ob es vielleicht Fehler / Probleme mit dem neuen Update gibt. Denn leider tretten oft für uns Hoster Probleme auf, aber informationen bzw Antworten von Offizieller Seite kommen erst oft recht spät und wir Hoster versuchen uns zwar untereinander zu helfen, aber spekulieren / Raten auch oft einfach mal weil passende Informationen Fehlen.

Aktuell macht das ganze vielleicht nicht so viel aus. Sollte aber in Zukunft die Sperre für Nodes kommen, welche länger als 5h im Monat Offline sind, kann es gerade nach Updates zu vielen Disqualifikationen von Nodes kommen, da man einfach manchmal zu lange auf Antworten warten muss.

Daher wäre es ganz gut, wenn man hier eine passende Lösung findet, wie man vielleicht schneller uns Hoster helfen kann. Vielleicht auch außerhalb des Chattes oder ähnliches.


Hello everybody,

My idea / suggestion / improvement would be that the devs check the forum frequently after updates to check whether there are any errors / problems with the new update. Because unfortunately we often have problems for us hosters, but information or answers from the official side often come very late and we hosters try to help each other, but often speculate / guess simply because there is a lack of suitable information.

At the moment, the whole thing may not matter that much. However, if in the future there should be a block for nodes that are offline for more than 5 hours a month, there may be many disqualifications of nodes, especially after updates, because sometimes you simply have to wait too long for answers.

Therefore, it would be very good if you could find a suitable solution here, how you can perhaps help us hosters faster. Maybe outside of the chat or something similar.


This should help you understand it better.

Disqualification based on low uptime is not in effect. If you think your issue doesn’t get answered in timely fashion then you can file a support ticket too.

Please make sure you don’t duplicate the issue by filing a support ticket & making a thread in the forum. This is to help support staff keep track of issues.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your answer.
However, this is not too helpful. Example: There is a thread in which 30 people have the same problem and think together about a solution. Now someone from the Storj team could post a solution to the problem and enter multiple logs and information, or write the 30 people to get a support ticket and the devs. I doubt whether this is faster.

And as I said, the whole thing is a “suggestion for improvement” from me and not an instruction. I know that there are currently support tickets.

Storj team read the forums alot and more now when we are getting closer to produktion.