slow, unresponsive, or just down

multiple times over the last 48 hours the forum has been having issues, tried to send some emails and some messages out to reach storj labs, so this is another of those attempts.

i cannot say that it’s not a local issue, but everything else seems to work… so
tried to create this post maybe 4-5 times over the last 4-5 hours.

i sent a few mails and was just about to try to message some of the storjlings over the forum messaging because this had not worked so many times, but it seemed to update notifications and such
so i figured i would give it a whirl again.

no idea what the problem is, but you guys (storj labs) might want a redundant contact email or just a setup so any email to your domain is caught and routed to a semi monitored inbox.

i did a whois on the domain but only found contact information for the domain provider, didn’t try any of the social media because… well it’s social media, email should really be the way to go for this kind of info and i cannot remember if one can write directly to pages…

anyways just a heads up, in case the issue was missed… :smiley: good luck

i put it in troubleshooting so it’s more likely to be seen, and it seemed less relevant for tardigrade, but meh…

and it would ofc be nice if anyone else could confirm the issues i’ve been having for the last good 5 hours and a bit earlier also from time to time during the last 48 hours…
initially i just figured something was weird.

tried from different geolocations, different browsers with the same result…


About half an hour ago the forum did not load for me. Earlier than that I’ve seen no problems.

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Same here… often Err 503 on load…

It was down with a 502 Bad Gateway for me for a few hours. Seems fine now.
Must have been all the excitement about the December bonus :wink:

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Have had some 502 bad gateway too lately.


it’s so easy to add a under maintenance sign / front page
any standard CMS will even have that feature by default.

sorry for the confusion.


I’ll look into that, it’s good feedback. Thanks SGC

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doesn’t make me feel any less stupid, since i actually saw the post about the forum maintenance a week or so ago… just totally forgot about that… tsk tsk

also do add the email in a few more places on the websites / whois domain info and what not.

i was looking around for an email but was unable to find one, so i just randomly mailed stuff like email, support, help, storj
which managed to hit something… but should really be very clear how to get into contact for stuff like abuse and what not…
websites get hijacked and or compromised all the time, it’s good that people fairly easily can report it…


I forgot too… a short notice the day before would have helped


Sorry folks! Totally valid feedback, especially when everyone is so busy nowadays. Maybe what I should have done is also set an auto bump on the maintenance announcement as a reminder. I’ll try to do that next time.


Yeah, I read the announcement and forgot as well :flushed:

Don’t worry too live about that Jocelyn. It’s fairly inconsequential and I suspect you’ve got far more important things in your to do list right now :slight_smile: