Forwarding error

Im troubleshooting on my Node connection.
I’ve followed all instructions and opened ports on both PC forewall and router.
But still when i check via check open node ports it says all ports closed.

netstat -aon shows all ports to listening both on PC and router

HELP !!!

please more details about nodes, windows, docker? linux? what ports?

windows 10
docker is installes and running ! or do you mean version ?
ports required to be open 31400-31409

docker version v4.17.1

did you opened port in windows firewall? in doker can you show node start command?

yes did open all ports in windows defender firewall

do you have static external ip?

Have my PC setup with static IP and same IP is used on port forwarding on router

oh … guess my IP is only static on local network …
and not external

if i run my port test it shows an IP = external IP it not the one i use in setup. Bu i also guess the setup is to always point the ports towards PC on local network, right ?

you need use external ip in setup not local ip

OK … will take some time to test …

Not possible to add external IP as valid adress for Internal host on portforwarding.

If external server tries to acces my point, I guess it doesent matter what external IP i got. But behind my router / firewall it matters a lot that connection is pointet to PC with docker running. Thats why i trough PI guide setup an static IP for my PC.

HI, problem solved:
Test program is error flaved. Everything regarding connection was OK.
Only issue i had left was PI program continuing to stay whithe trying to establish connection.

This issue solved by adding “containerFlavor”:“stellar” to the file user-preferences.json
Herafter, restart computer and it works on first try.

Thx Vadim for your help.

are you sure it’s related to Storj anyhow?