Free space and no traffic

Hi, after the update, I noticed that part of the space on the node was freed up, I saw a couple of deletions in the logs, everything was fine in the audit script too (earlier was worse).

Also, traffic go down very much, I would say it is not at all. I read that after the update the system needs 4 days to recover, but still.

A lot of people observe similar conditions. Admins reassure convincingly that there’s no problem and so long as you’re passing your audits there’s nothing to worry about. I was worried about it myself, by my fears have been assuaged.

Who knows, maybe the system traffic IS indeed this low now. Maybe vetting is more rigorous now and it takes longer that before for the new node operators. Maybe they really fixed up the repair traffic efficiency. Maybe starting beta will spur it up.

Bottom line, there can be a number of reasons. There’s nothing to worry about if you pass audits well, though.

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I got no new traffic since.

Please, check out this thread:

Regarding the deletes, during our tests we have filled up around 300 of the nodes on our network to 100% and they are no longer accepting data. In turn, this means that we are unable to utilize their bandwidth for customer data. As we move closer to Production, it’s important that we provide the best experience and performance possible while of course continuing to support our awesome community of Storagenode Operators. To set ourselves (Storj Labs, and our SNOs) up for the best possible outcome, we are deleting a portion of our uploaded test data in order to free up some of the space on full nodes.

In order for this to work efficiently, we paused our ongoing uploads for a moment while the deletes are taking place. We’re working hard to ensure that this does not negatively impact the next round of payouts.


Great!!! That is, you want to say that all 100% of my node is theoretically test data?))) This formulation of the process surprised me.

And please tell me where I can read about the audit and see the audit process regarding my node. Thx.

At the time yes, during alpha it was all test data from Storj. Now that we are in Beta, we will start having real customer data on the nodes.

To read about how the audit and reputation system works download the the whitepaper pdf.

It’s under “Audits and reputation” section.

You can find the audit script to run on your node here.


Hello, I’m wondering if it’s normal or not? It’s already been a day, and there doesn’t seem to be any traffic.
I’ve tried to restart my node too
I also checked my logs and there’s this error

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Hello, welcome @kadutt, Yes at the moment there is little traffic on the storj network. Just keep your node online and make sure last contact is less than 2s and you are golden.

What is the significance of the “Last contact” metric?

Hello @mikeghen,
Welcome to the forum!

It must be less than a few seconds, otherwise your node is offline.

I set mine up a couple days ago and have some pretty similar stats. I have noticed that one of the satellites has completed vetting, and I have passed the 1 audit that has occurred, so just give it some time.
is showing your node online, looking good.

@xyphos10 @MrTechGadget ah i see thanks! I was kinda unsure if it’s normal or not because on July, I got traffic in less than a day iirc and I got big traffic.

also @MrTechGadget thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Hey @kadutt the threads have been merged and you should be able to find your answer here :slight_smile:

thanks! yep, now I got more traffic than before.

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