Free TB and Egress for industry YouTubers:

i got an idea from

they do like that:

"Q: I am a blogger. How can I get a free license?

A: Download our software, evaluate it and make a blog post about it. Every product comes with a 15-day trial fully functional license. Once you made a blog post, fill in this form. We will grant you a license and post a link to your blog on the Media Coverage section of our website."

STORJ could offer lifetime free TB’s and Egress for industry vlogers, popular tech channels, that will make a publication on theirs Youtube channel.

Of course up to some degree, for example mayby 100TB, and egress free up to $1000/month.
if the channel got 200k, 500k, above 1m subscribers, It got to be significant for them. Hope You get’s that.

Why making efforts only by Yourself, when You have so many people happily willing to take that and make a great review on YouTube.

Right now, i did not saw much of those, just few small creators, but amateur productions.
You could launch the program on Twitter, since its tech savvy guys nest, and reach to YouTube channels directly as well. I think its worthy to make such impact, not only they will make a video content, but also they can speak about it to everyone they know as well. And that’s most valuable, contacts, and good word via word of mouth among them.

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Thank you for this suggestion.
I’ve passed it to the Marketing team

Free tiers are ripe for abuse so there would have to be very strict controls of who those people are…


There are certainly influencers in tech circles that I am sure we would love to have do a deep dive on Storj for their viewers. However, trading resources for such a deal is basically sponsoring it which a lot of reviews tend to be unbiased to be taken seeiously by their audience. I know whenever I watch anyone talk about something that was given to them or paid for, I become skeptical of their take.

Also, if the end personality doesn’t understand enterprise tech and is looking at it from an Dropbox end user perspective, such a review may turn out negative for us. So, it is really something that we would likely want to know the channel and their audience and determine if it is a good fit for Storj and then work with them to give them the details and access they need to conduct a good review while maintaining their objectivity.


Giving away products and services in exchange for reviews should be a hard pass. Be that a free cake in a coffee shop for a like on yelp, or a storage service for a video review. That is pathetic and laughable. Don’t be msp360.

IRL if I notice the business does it — I cease being a customer instantly. Both, coffee shops or software. Because I know from experience such business is on a way to collapse.

Next, if a review is paid for — it’s useless. It’s almost impossible to remain objective in these circumstances and by default I, nor any people storj is trying to reach (not Dropbox replacement audience in other words) wont’t trust reviewers to do so.

And lastly, storj is B2B service. Nobody reads, let alone watches YouTube reviews, to make a decision for their business. It would be waste of efforts.


Well, NordVPN did just that, and look at them, their sales exploded. I won’t trust NortdVpn at all, just like You said, but that’s not the matter. The matter is mass publicity so the 0.5%-1% who actually buy the product will be huge.

i meant just like “knowledge” said, not to a dropbox usage, but for channels that give info about technology news in the storj target industry. i wont give You a channels tho. There are some tech news channels on Youtube for sure just to BE there, to appear there, no one ask for HONEST review. Just the publicity that STORJ lacks. Do we agree it lacks the presence on Youtube it deserves? i only see stupid videos about “oh how You can earn on renting storage”…

Influencers are huge. I work with a media analytics company now, and if there was one thing that surprised me is that paying [the right] influencers obscene amount of money for promoting a product pays off.

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Well, this is entirely different market. NordVPN’s strategy is to blast their ad through every outlet they have and count on ignorant people to want to “protect their online activities”, whatever the heck that means, in troves. I’m sure marketing is 99% of expenses running the business. It’s a mass-market snake oil.

Storj service is a B2B. It shall be marketed as such, to businesses. If I need to assess the applicability of the storage service to my business, YouTube and influencers (whatever the heck that disgusting terms means – they influence opinion of ignorant people who chose to be misled) are not even on the list of places I’ll look.

I agree, that awareness is important, you can’t research applicability of storj if you don’t know it exists in the first place. But I doubt YouTube is the right avenue.

There never been one thing that I learned from YouTube. Even occasionally watching reviews about tech things I already use for a long time, it’s never without on multiple instances of shrugging on the blatant horseshit the “reviewer” is spewing. I stopped watching tech channels to save any sanity long ago.

I agree, there is very little presence, but I don’t think that the unchecked cesspool of YouTube is the place to want to increase it. It is not the case of “something is better than nothing”, it can be literary damaging. It’s enough for one dumb ass influencer to say “storj stores your files on a STORJ blockchain” and I’m looking whom to send the bill for hole punched in my display at best, or never even looking at STOJ any longer. Similar things happen all the time, and good luck counting on correction being seen by people or having been done in the first place.

Marketing shall be done carefully, ideally in respectable publications, industry journals, including IEEE, why not?, conferences and trade shows, and not waste time promoting to mass market though YouTube and other avenues, where STORJ does not have 100% control of the message.

For B2C – I absolutely. See NordVPN usecase above. Spam all the way – it will work.

For B2B — I don’t see that happening. If you have evidence to the opposite – please share, NDA permitting.

Ultimately, I’m reading datasheets and service agreements, and running extensive months long tests, and if I’m big enough – calling CTO and discussing the shit of the minute details, before I entangle my business with the service. I would not listen to anyone who is driven by views and watch minutes, their incentives are not aligned with mine. They are literally useless.

Seven average joes who require 18 hours of support time to configure Arq to backup to Storj and subsequently store 300GB of their cat pictures is not the audience storj should be wasting effort marketing to.


Won’t agree. STORJ inc. already paid for articles in professional journals.
All im saying is professional videos are better than journals, because more chances decisive people are watching such Youtubers, who sumarise news and achivements in the target industry, than reading articles, simply beacuse thats the things works today. Watching videos, rather than reading.

Yep, that’s the way!

I think this is the root of my disagreement with you.

Video is a horrible format for everything but entertainment, and YouTube is not the source of knowledge. It’s entertainment platform.

If I need to learn about something technical – give me written text, searchable, skimable, cross-referenceable. If I’m assessing storage solutions – I’m not going to waste time watching videos of every potential fit. Much less some third party’s opinion or summary of industry news. I want to skim through a data sheet. And if this piqued my interest – read the whiteparer, browse marketing materials. I can do it myself much more effectively that listening to some dude/gal reading it for me aloud, while I sit watch him/her do it. I’m not 4.

(BTW, if I want a “summary” – I can ask LLM to produce one for me, from a data sheet or a whiteparer.)

So the remaining bit is – raising awareness about STORJ existing, with the right customers. I don’t see a CTO of a company coming to work tomorrow saying - hear me out, I watched a video yesterday on a YouTube that mentions this startup STOR-G or STOROGE, or whatever the hell it was, that lets us store our data on a blockchain! (here I die). Let’s switch to it right away so we can add the word “blockchain” to our marketing materials, this will double our stock, people pay crazy money for this.

I don’t think storj wants net-negative customers like this one.

Nothing replaces reading. Reading actually replaced storytelling and this allowed civilization to progress. Now the trend is to go back to dumb times of visual storytelling, but you don’t have to participate in this fad.

I’ll show myself out.

NDA no needed, we just don’t have data to recognize B2B vs. B2C traffic. Yeah, I can understand that B2B might be different. Still, it was crazy surprising to me.

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Yeah. Can’t disagree more.
i learned so much from Youtube,
it’s a world tube, so many skilled and smart people there too.

I guess the cache here is, to get know about STORJ when You actually don’t look for solutions, but You are watching Your favorite industry news channel, and You get interest by the way, so to speak.
And then You dig deeper, read whitepaper etc.

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Better make a short clip with all the pros and speed tests, and post it on TikTok and YT shorts and Instagram. This is the most effective way to draw attention today. Everybody is in a rush and just scrolls through short clips, even the bosses. No matter if the IT guy is a paranoid and hates every social media. The boss sees a Storj clip and asks him for info and tells him: We need this! Very few people have the patience to watch long in depth videos about anything.

I took a look at the Storj website. Nowhere on the front page says “STORJ, probably the best decentralised cloud storage in the world”.
You say Storj is BtB, but the site dose’t sugest a profi site of an well established business; it looks like a startup that tries to attract and impress individuals.
Even the words “better performance” gives you a “meah” taste.
Try to show more confidence in your business, in your services. Use “best”, “top” etc.
The site needs a redesign from ground up.
The front page should say clearly what Storj is, in simpler phrases, and show statistics like no. of nodes, data occupied vs available, no of clients, speed tests, etc.
If you just look at the first page, you realy can’t find anything useful to make you find out more.

But You have a GREAT video to play on front page, showing STORJ’s unmatched advantages over others! So whatever the writings say, but man, … the VIDEO! lol.

Like this one?


I prefer reading instead of watching movies :grin:.
And the text can be easily updated and modified, statistics can be real time.

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Actually I think influencer marketing could pay off.
Here is the situation I am thinking of: Storj has a lot of new partnerships listed here:

As far as I understand it “partnership” means that the person or company that uses the partner product (like MASV or Archiware) can integrate it with Storj as storage backend. But what’s required for that is that this person or company signs up with Storj.

I take a more recent partner as an example, MASV. I wanted to get an idea what this is all about and thought about what would be required to make users of their solution aware of the new Storj storage option.
That’s when I thought that might be something where influencers could play very well.

When I was looking for quick video to see what MASV is all about I came across this video which I thought is quite interesting:

Assuming this guy and his company is genuine this could pose 2 advantages: Such an influencer could target exactly the audience of individuals and companies Storj is looking for. And additionally the influencer being a professional in the industry himself could adopt Storj for his own needs.
So among media professionals using established products like Archiware, MASV or others, this could be a way to create more awareness for the Storj storage option and maybe create additional signups.