Free Zoom alternative and Storj DCS

We know how successful Zoom has become during the Covid phases and lockdowns.
There is a free alternative:

The interesting thing for Storj is that there exists an additional module that allows recording of conferences to AWS S3:

It gets even advertised as AWS marketplace product: AWS Marketplace: Jitsi Meet 100 concurrent user video conferencing setup with recording

My idea is clear: If recordings can be stored on AWS S3 then it should be easily possible to store them on Storj DCS, but secure, encrypted and decentralized. This could be a huge thing. Maybe even something could be worked out with other web3 projects to tailor a complete decentralized solution where even the Jitsi and Jibri application components will run in a decentralized fashion.
As these kind of meeting recordings normally get downloaded or streamed after a meeting, this sounds like an interesting egress use case for Storj DCS.


I used Jitsi the other day for a call and it worked great. Perhaps we write a how-to for our docs and then reach out to them.



I think that would be great.
Users and companies that use Jitsi and companies that offer Jitsi as a service need to be made aware of Storj DCS and the option to store recordings on there instead of AWS S3.
BTW I have learned that even Brave is using Jitsi as their solution for Brave Talk:

So there is real potential. For everybody who has privacy in mind, the Storj DCS option would be a great option and even more when it comes with the free tier offer. These potential users only need to know that it exits.
What I don’t know is what decentralized options are there to run Jitsi. Many probably run it on AWS for scalability reasons. But together with decentralized storage a decentralized scalable hosting apart from AWS would be a perfect fit.