French company Arzen using Sia via Filebase

They seem to be aware of Storj but are using Sia? Maybe there is a way to find out if they have any issues with Storj DCS and help them to clear them out so they can give Storj via Filebase a try.

Someone like the “full decentralized” idea too much, even in expense of convenience and speed.
Just until the first lose of metadata I guess.

I even not sure should we interfere or not. I believe everyone should choose on their own, the market will show.

It’s good to cover different market segments and for now at least I see a move to any decentralized storage provider as a win. As long as they don’t mess up the reputation by losing data.

Though I do wonder if that full decentralization argument still holds water when used through firebase. Sounds like it’s not fully decentralized anymore that way.

The company seems to be re-selling the space to consumers and enterprises. So it is a valuable reseller and multiplicator.
And as a service provider you are not only interested why customers have chosen your service but also why you have not been chosen. Meaning you can learn and improve your service from both kind of feedbacks.
Especially when using decentralization via Filebase there is basically no difference between selecting both Sia and Storj. But they seem to have opted for Sia only and as a company I would be interested why.