French translation

hello, i am Fabien, 33 years old and French, i like ur project, i run a small node on ur network

I would like to contribute. I will like offer my help to translate

Because i think is a good idea to improve my English and maybe is goot to u.

I can take ur html source code, translate, and send to u

I have pm on twitter but no answer


@Aatsu Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Making available to other languages would probably be a useful thing, and it’s nice to offer help :+1:
I think doing it manually by sending html might not be ideal though. There are platforms for helping translating projects, especially for open source projects.

I’m not sure how this would work for a company website though, especially because if one wants the site to be translated in all languages all the time, with no missing strings, this would involve a step by step process so each new version of the website goes through a translation phase by some other people that should be available at that precise time… before going to production.

But… seems like there are ways to achieve that, a quick search on Google bring some stuff up like:

I’d be curious to have the opinion from Storjling people and other forum members on that :slight_smile:
ight not be right now’s priority but could be a future thing to do.

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I could give a hand on the translation as well, maybe @jocelyn has an idea of how we could go about this task ?

I believe Transifex is a well known one but not Open Source. With all the different native speakers here this could be made an incredible community project.


Yep sorry, I meant translation platforms for open source projects. Fixed my post.