Fresh node went offline...should I keep it online or go with a fresh start

Hello all. New SNO here. I had my node up for a very short period of time (72 hours) before it was powered off (mostly accidentally) for about 30 hours. I fixed the problem and it’s back online now and my question is in regards to node reputation…should I keep it online and rebuild/establish reputation on my existing node or initiate a new fresh node?

Hello @Chai and welcome to the forum.

Considering how long it takes for a node to get vetted and to start making some kind of revenue, I’d say both options would virtually have the same effect :wink:

So just keep this one, its online scores should recover little by little over the next 30 days.
If the dashboard reads “Online”, and if the node does receive and send data, then you should be fine.

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Hi Pac. Thanks for taking the time. The dashboard does show “Online” and it is sending and receiving so I’ll carry on with this one. Thanks again!