Friday Fun - Checking for ERRORs in log files

Just doing a quick sanity check on my SNO logs and came across this gem:

What are the chances that the Piece ID would contain the word ERROR?


I believe piece IDs are encoded using capital letters and numbers, so there are 36 possible characters.

The odds of randomly selecting five characters in order to produce this sequence are therefore 365 = 60466176.

It looks like piece IDs are 52 characters long. Because of this there are 52 - 4 = 48 “chances” for an ID to contain this string somewhere. 365 / 48 = 1259712.

So, assuming that piece IDs are randomly constructed (or constructed using a secure hashing algorithm) then the odds of a piece ID containing this string are 1 in 1259712.


Resolved, thanks for the quick response.


I knew you weren’t seriously asking but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do some math. :smiley:

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