Friend has IPv6 & Carrier-grade NAT IPv4 and noip

I’ve got a friend with IPv6, Carrier grade NAT Ipv4 and noip.

The CGNAT Ipv4 is preventing her from running Storj, so it’s constantly restarting, not being able to find a working address, but she’s recently configured IPv6 on her modem and noip.

The IPv4 address however is a dummy address.

A) Will she have a connection now that the IPv6 is configured correctly? I’m assuming it will take several hours before it works.

B) Is CGNAT worthless for Storj or can it be used somehow together with IPv6?

You cannot host storj on a CGNAT host you need a public IP and be able to forward the ports to. You either need to request one or change ISP or use a VPN. IPv6 isnt even usable for storj right now last I checked.

I thought someone was using Storj via IPv6.
Ah wait, I see, that was one satellite that went down.

Well that’s sad, because VPN is slow and costs money.
There are no ISPs there that have public IPs.

No IPv6 satellite in this day and age despite a 100% IPv6 goal for China by 2025 and 75% adoption in India today is getting a bit strange.

Two reasons.

  1. Prod satellites are hosted on Google Cloud, the Google Cloud doesn’t support IPv6 at the moment (I know, 2021, and yes - Google).
  2. Not much customers have IPv6 only connection. Most cases - dual stack. So, the public IPv4 is must have at the moment or at least dual stack.

Software itself is capable to work with IPv6.

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Thanks for informing us that it’s not Storj’s responsibility but Google cloud.

Why are the prod (production?) satellites hosted there?

I think you’d be surprised IPV6 isn’t supported in alot of servers because IPV4 is still king in enterprise not IPV6 is more for consumers… Because were running out of IPv4 ips…

My ISP keeps messing up IPv6. For ages it didn’t work at all, then I got a new router and it turns out that router didn’t have an IPv6 firewall at all, meaning all ports were open (needless to say I turned IPv6 off during this time). Then when they finally implemented a firewall there wasn’t a way to open ports. When there finally was they called it “port forwarding” in the interface, which just isn’t what that does since there is no NAT. And about 2 weeks ago my IPv6 ports suddenly closed without changing any settings on my end. I’m guessing they pushed another update that breaks things and I’m kind of done trying to fix it. Right now there is no need for IPv6 anyway. Everything I do, I can do over IPv4.