From windows to synology

I have a windows node that is vetted on one satelite. And i want to move it to my synology.
Would that be wise? Or should i wait until its vetted on all?

Also, is there a good description on how i should do this the easiest way? I understand QNAP has some kind of “gui” for setup, does synology?

all the guides relating to this stuff will be located, not sure if there is a direct migration guide from windows to qnap… but i would expect qnap to be based on ether linux or freebsd or simply use docker to control the storagenode.

but i duno… it was what i could find in a brief search in the location where its suppose to be.

main things to watch out for… make sure the storagenode is shutdown when you migrate it
don’t delete the copy before you have the new copy up and running correctly.

if you have any more issues, but i think you should be able to figure it out by what is found on

Only vetted on 1 sattelite? How old? Just start new node on synology… Dont waste time with migration…

Just my opinion

you do know it takes a month to get to that point and migration is most likely just as difficult… so i don’t see what’s lost in atleast trying to move it over.

but yeah if it’s difficult i suppose he could scrap it… i doubt it is difficult tho… when you can migrate with windows to docker… then it’s most likely all compatible code…

I cannot check right now, but i think i used a month to get vetted on one satelite. Maybe its slow up here in Norway, but thats the way it is. I can start a second node on the Synology, and let them both run. But i dont know. Its not that much data. Around 50gigs this far…

Could you be more clear - is it Synology or QNAP?
They are different vendors.

However, the main is the same - you would need a Container Station installed and follow the guide for CLI installation (except setup of the Docker, it will be done automatically when you install/enable Container Station).

To move your node from Windows GUI to the NAS you can use guide for migration from Windows GUI to the docker on other Linux machine:

that’s about right, it should be starting to go up in ingress now.