Fstab-fsck per Drive

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when you mount a drive in the fstab you are giving several options. Are you enabling the file-system-check in the last option, like with 2 or do you put it to 0?

UUID=4--------------------------2 /mnt/4---------O ext4 defaults 0 0

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We recommend to set it to 2.

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Thanks alot. I’m also wondering how it should work. Because when the settings are at default, there will be an auto-mount and with the drives mounted the fsck cannot be executed every 30 days?

There is no automount, because you explicitly specified, where this disk should be.
You can execute fsck as often as you want, but why?

I thought the fsck runs only every 30 days?

Regardless of automount, when the disk is mounted to the folder fsck cannot run on the disk anymore?

it doesn’t run automatically, unless you configured it.

yes, you need to unmount a disk to perform fsck