Full node - how it works, what to expect?

I have two nodes on the same public IP address and one of them is full now. 3,5TB data stored, the node is 18 month old and the second node started 6 month after the first.

Can anyone please explain what should I expect from now on?

I had about 12GB ingress per day on each node until the first became full, so I had about 24GB combined ingress per day.
I have only 2 days data but it seems to me that as some older data is deleted on the full node, it is receiving some new data. Ingress went down to 6GB per day on this node.
On the other hand, the second node’s ingress increased to 18GB per day, so it seems ingress per public IP remained the same, which is good.

I have about 13USD monthly payout from this node, 5 USD is coming from the stored data, 4 USB is coming from downloads and 3 USD from repair download.

I’m wondering if anyone has any long term statistic about egress of a full node?

Im afraid you cant really predict this, I have a 3 year old node that has been full for about 2.5 years and it has deletes and it gets ingress again so then it gets newer data which is 3.5TB and makes around 20 a month right now, Last month it made less the month before it made less so its really hard to say what it makes each month because it seems Newer nodes catch up profits much quicker then older nodes.

I have a total of 7 nodes and all on there own public IP and not on the same subnet they all get different data at different times so they dont really share the same data so the same engress doesnt go accross all the nodes because all data is used differently and its never a predictable thing.

I also have a test node that is 300gigs and it making almost 3 dollars a month which makes no sense so you cant really go on each month per base because every month is different and different with things in the world has different kinda effects to data being distributed around.

I have currently 3 nodes which are full and 2 newer ones. The full nodes are:
1.4 TB 7.5 USD
3 TB 10 USD
3 TB 10 USD

You can’t really make estimates. It depends how the customers use their data.

Node 1 is my oldest node. I added node 2 when the first one was almost full and added node 3 when node 2 was roughly 50% filled.
For me the older data clearly gets downloaded more frequently than newer data.

Seeing these earnings really make me wonder if i’m doing something wrong with my nodes. I’ve got and 8.8 TB node Full which last month earnt me around $20-25. I’ve got another node which is around 700GB out of 7 TB which only makes around $3. I wonder why my income is so much lower than yours at 5.5TB? Nodes are online as near as 100% as possible.

You shouldnt compare apples to apples and doesnt mean your doing anything wrong, Location and having more then one public IP on different subnets helps and also If no other nodes on that subnet, Also speed of hardware speeds of internet latency etc.

Additionally you could have data of customers which only use storj for backups, which gives you low egress.