Full node, time for second?

My node has been full for a couple months now. I have it in RAID setup on a Poweredge server running Debian so I can’t (or don’t know how to) add more drives so reading the forums it seems that my next choice is another node.
I have a Pi4 laying around so figured I would set that up.
I have read the posts and KB/blogs about how to do this on both Pi and multinode same IP etc. Not worried about setup.

Any issues or gotchas with 2 nodes, 1 IP as far as getting files? I recall from the early days that you shouldn’t do it unless the first is full or the traffic is split 50/50. So am I good still to proceed now that my node is full?
Is the Docker method still recommended or is there a EOL for that?
My node has been strong for 3 years so I haven’t kept up with this forum, anything new to be mindful of?

If your first node is full, then almost all ingress traffic will go to the second node, the egress would be independent.
You can use any preferred method to run a node - you can use a docker version or binary version too. The docker version looks more simple in my opinion.

А процедура проверки аналогично проходит? Если в подсети уже есть верифицированная (vetted) нода, то можно создавать новую? Как в этом случае проверка будет проходить? Месяц, или х2?

The traffic is still split, doesn’t matter if one of the 2 nodes is full. Or more precisely, both nodes will be treated as if they were one.

May I suggest to choose wisely the device that will hold the OS?
I had issues with SD cards several times in the past, so you might want to consider better options (or a very high quality SD card) if that’s possible for you :slight_smile:

I have another Pi4 node in a different location that has been running solid for 2 years. I am comfortable with the hardware and config options.
Mostly wanting to know any gotcha’s for traffic and profit.

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It’s true until the first one could accept pieces. If it reported that it’s full, it will be excluded from node selection. Then there would be only one node for ingress in that /24 subnet (if there is no one other node except these two), but two nodes for egress, audits, egress repair traffic and online checks.

@serger001 The vetting process is the same - your vetting node could receive not more than 5% of ingress from customers until got vetted. As I said above - if your first node reported that it’s full, in your /24 subnet the vetting node would not compete with full node.

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Проверка будет идти также - пока узел проверяется, он не может получать более 5% входящего трафика от клиентов. Если ваш первый узел отчитался сателлиту, что он полный, то но он выбывает из конкуренции в вашей подсети за входящий трафик.