Fun in social media

i accidentally stomped on this:

Can someone open fire voice there and capitalize on that? lol

someone there:
“LOL!! – I had to cancel a Cards in order to stop being charged for services I could not find where to cancel or disable.”

plenty of such prospects in the thread,
mayby some DM’s should be sent with some promotion ;>

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They had some bug in AWS that let others use your storage or something… I didn’t understood it, but I believe they fixed it.

idk either, but people writing various stories there,
Storj could at least “Like it” from offcial account,
people could get interested with Storj by them selfs …

Wonder if Storj Social media is working like that? could even just walking the twitter and likes who ever writes something in the cloud topic even remotely lol…

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But aws is not storage only. And the high prices are mostly due to software errors, that cause high load and therefore high price

Like when 4G was available for the first time, and the service operators were artificialy increasing traffic, don’t know how, to fatten the bills. When clients complained, they said: just use 3G, even though you pay more for 4G access.