Further EU sanctions against Russia may impact Storj

EU to hit Russian steel, IT industry with sanctions, but spare diamonds – POLITICO

“In the service industry, the sanctions proposal foresees making it illegal “to provide architectural and engineering services, legal advisory services and IT consultancy services” to companies and people in Russia or the Russian government.”


Storj stays current with shifting regulatory and compliance landscapes, including through regular consultation with experts in the impacted areas. We would never knowingly put customers, the company including our team members, or network participants at risk.

We recognize that geopolitical situations are active and changing, and will communicate any significant changes to process or policy as early as possible. Meanwhile, know that we are monitoring these situations and are confident in our current approach.


Есть ли хоть какая-то надежда для операторов из России?

Probably not to be honest. We can only hope and try to help peace to return to the world.

“The existing prohibitions on crypto assets have been tightened by banning all crypto-asset wallets, accounts, or custody services, irrespective of the amount of the wallet,” the European Commission said in a statement on Thursday, after proposals it made last week were signed off by EU governments.

I believe that Storj must prepare to liquidate the Russian node operators. First of all, pay them what they owe, even the deduction, since they are not the cause of the problem and they don’t even have time to make a graceful exit. And then start transferring the data to nodes that can operate.
And then there are the Russians customers …

Да, давайте. Вон там в соседней теме пишут про плановые веерные отключения электричества. Забавно будет наблюдать развитие ‘децентрализованного’ проекта с узлами из Вьетнама :smiley:

Do you say that the sanctions will not be applied?
And above all, will the boys of Storj be obliged to respect them?

As I understand from the article, only EU services are forbidden and Storj is a US company. It might not apply.

I am European, but it seems to me that Europe is following the US in this affair. We don’t even tie our shoes without their permission …

IT is a little different from retail. If H&M leaves, then they will have queues again when they return. When IT leaves, it either becomes pirated forever, or it is no longer used. And only crazy will return to the service that sent you

What about people who left Russia but still have hardware there? For both Storjlabs and SNOs it could be economically viable to move older nodes with data.

This represents an ongoing example of a dynamic situation. As previously answered, we monitor these types of things and address as needed.