GE from Test Data on news nodes

Hello, is it possible to somehow refuse the test data for some time, or limit it to 2%?

because on new nodes the storm begins immediately, and then only a mountain of garbage. It’s a stupid waste of bandwidth and hardware resources. It is better not to let it be slow but with normal customer data,

Just be aware this will get you disqualified on US1 and SLC if you ever contacted these satellites. If you are running a brand new node it might be better to delete it and start over. If you apply this setting before starting the node for the first time it will not get disqualified on US1 and SLC. You can later still join these satellites. That option is off the table if you already contacted them.

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I would not call something stupid just because you don’t fully understand it. Do you think the whole company just decided to pay for all that traffic just to spite you?

This is what future traffic will be, if everything goes well. The test mimics anticipated customer behaviour. If you don’t like it – don’t start new nodes.

Why? You are paid either way. Why do you want to be paid less?


you say everything correctly. So I better stop the nodes :slight_smile: it is no longer possible to work with what is there, significant investments are needed. and the reward is not worth it.

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