General beginner questions about the Node

Thanks for explanation but there are couple of things which is confusing me as I’m also new in platform but very exited with idea.
First of all let me describe my prepositions. According to documentation there is no need in any backups/RAIDs as it’s done at application level of storj (erasure coding). It’s perfectly make sense but from that we can make conclusion that individual HDD outage is expected behavior.
Please correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t disqualifying of identity means that Node Operator:

  • Will not be able to receive payment for work which already had been done
  • Will not be able to make Graceful Exit (it’s obvious that no, but I just want to emphasize my point)
  • Will loose all node reputation
  • Basically will have to start from scratch and next 9 month will have payment cutouts

As a result we have Node Operator with same capabilities (replace a hard drive it’s a not big deal and can take from couple of minutes to couple of days) same storage amount, same bandwidth, same online score but starting from scratch with ~9 month of on-boarding period.

It’s only my point of view but such approach is seems bad from both Node Operator who is not able to provide Storage/Bandwidth as well as Consumer who is not able to utilize Storage/Bandwith. Of course disqualification of one Operator will not have any impact on particular consumer but HDD will always break and will affects more and more Operators which at some point may affect whole platform. It also may lead to demoralizing operators and leads to operators leaving platform.

Does it make sense to set Reputation, Vetting, Pay-cuts at higher level like IP or domain name. Because in other case setting up RAIDs seems only available solution which is obviously will neglect whole idea of platform and affects economic of storage operators.