General questions about storj project - building SNO community

Hello guys,

I have to say, that I am keen on your storj project, so I started to spread it among my friends:) I decided to built strong community of SNO among friends from my neighborhood. But I am not able to answer the following questions of my friends (below):

  1. Who are the customers? Are they corporates/institutions? I mean who stores data on my node?

  2. Do I understand correctly, that each SNO has something like “score”, and according to that the node is used by customers (more stored data, more traffic -> higher wage)?

  3. What will happen, when me as the SNO exceed outage 5hrs per month? My ISP can has outage, my electricity provider can has outage… Will I be disqualified from the project as the SNO? Or just my score will decrease (if yes, can I somehow improve my score back?)

  4. How many copies of the stored files are in the network as a redundance?

Thank you for answers in advance.

This will answer all the questions and guide you in helping your friends :slight_smile:

Custumers are all people, and corporates. Even you can be a custumer, today applications are in development, they are very different. Like one of my co-worker want tu build cloud video surviliance system, i gaved him idea, to do it on storj, hi is looks like interestad, but hi studdy posibilities and requarments yet.
SNO dont have a score- as SNO is YOU- Storage Node Operator. Each node have some score based on Audits and Uptime(today uptime have no disqualification yet) also thinc score is not implimented yet also.
As uptime is not disqualification not implemented, then nothing yet hapen, but will on some point, i home 5h will be litlebit bigger.
there 80 pice of each file and need 30 to get all file, on 1 node only 1 piece.