GET_AUDIT", "error": "use of closed network connection"

Hmmm what does this mean …

Hasn’t affected anything - was this more testing?

Read more here:


The error codes page contained the necessary information. But roughly speaking, many networking related errors are to be expected due to the nature of internet. For example, the peer making the request to the storagenode might terminate the connection due to some timeout, which was caused by some network switch, which can end up in some sort of a network error. We’ve try to mark many of them as “INFO” as possible, but since there are quite a lot of possible messages, we haven’t classified all of them quite correctly.


From what I can see from my network traffic there is no 0byte points, there is always traffic - however seeing a few of these since updating to 1.65 , not sure if related or not at all…

Cheers for the response team :grin: