Get node undisqualified

Hi All,

For some unknown reason my Node became disqualified on stefan-benten satellite. I am not too sure why as all other satellites are OK and I have good Suspension and Audit scores on all other satellites.

This happened back on 4th May and I kind of just put up with it - but now I would ideally like to get this node back communicating with this satellite - is it at all possible ? I do not really want to have to create a new identity and set back up for the sake of 1 satellite - I don’t know why this satellite became so bad as all other satellites are good…

I hope there is a way I can be allowed back to that satellite ?


No once Disqualified its permanent. Its better to try to find out why you got disqualified so it doesn’t happen again.

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Thanks - I know the reasons behind disqualification and how it affects the network but I still think it would be good for a second chance - even more so that I have really good stats on all the other satellites.

I am not entirely sure why I had such a bad reputation on that satellite but since May all has been good with the other satellites so that is good but still a little annoying that I am disqualified from that one.

I also note that there is held amount against this satellite - is that now gone forever or is it possible to get it back ?

Its very possible you had lost data on all of the satellites but it hasn’t DQed you yet.

Once DQed the held amount goes back to the network to cover any costs to repairs of data.

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You can vote for this feature request:

That sounds like a good idea - its got my vote.