Get path for granted access


If I share access to a file with someone using uplink, is it possible for that user to deduce the full path of the object from the API key, or do I also need to share with them the path? Or is there anyway for the shared user to access the file without the full path?

E.g. if I share sj://mybucket/myfile with a user and they import that access file, they can see “myfile” when they run “./uplink access list”, but to download the file they seem to have know the full path “sj://mybucket/myfile”. Is there anyway they can download this file without the full path, or work out the path from the API key?


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There is no exposed API nor any command line tooling that can help you discover that.
What our tooling does is to send the path along with the access.


Thanks for the response. That’s a shame :frowning:

I was hoping there would be some way to deduce the path from the macaroon, as I was under the impression that the path is encoded in the access macaroon.