Get_repair message frequency

Hi All,

It seems that after the latest update there are considerably more Get_Repair messages in the log.
Should i be concerned?

also this is the output of ./

========== AUDIT =============
Successful:           215
Recoverable failed:   0
Unrecoverable failed: 0
Success Rate Min:     100.000%
Success Rate Max:     100.000%
========== DOWNLOAD ==========
Successful:           11869
Failed:               498
Success Rate:         95.973%
========== UPLOAD ============
Successful:           23414
Rejected:             0
Failed:               117
Acceptance Rate:      100.000%
Success Rate:         99.503%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ===
Successful:           1813
Failed:               0
Success Rate:         100.000%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD =====
Successful:           508
Failed:               20
Success Rate:         96.212%

I’ve read somewhere that there were some “Zombie” pieces, is this what i am experiencing here?

Thanks a lot!

No, repair messages you see is your node helping out in repairs caused by other nodes being offline or disqualified… Your node is not the problem, but actually part of the solution to someone else’s problem.


Hi, and welcome to the forum.

To expand on BrightSilence’s correct answer (and because I was most of the way through writing this post most when he beat me to a reply):

The “GET_REPAIR” messages are part of normal operation. You will see these messages if a repair is initiated and your node was chosen to send a copy of one of the pieces your node holds to another node. This is reflected in the “REPAIR DOWNLOAD” category of the script.

Conversely, you will see “PUT_REPAIR” if your node was selected to receive a piece as part of a repair operation. This is reflected in the “REPAIR UPLOAD” category of the script.


Thanks for answering!

So both Put_Repair and Get_Repair are good messages, that’s nice to know.

Is there any indication when my node is missing data?
I do not think it is, but i am watching the logs because i am curious.


Yes, if you see anything mentioning “file does not exist”, that’s bad news. Usually in a download failed line for either a normal download or an audit.

While we’re expanding on each others responses; @baker gave a great explanation, but I have a small addition. A repair download doesn’t actually send the piece to another node directly. It sends the piece to the satellite along with enough other nodes who send their pieces for the same segment so that the satellite has enough of them to be able to recreate the pieces that were lost by other nodes. Those then get uploaded to known good nodes in a repair upload.


Thanks for the info.

I’ll keep an eye on the logs!