Getting paid to Coinbase address using zksync

Now that Coinbase support the STORJ token would it be possible to receive the payments to a Coinbase address while using zksync?

Storj is not supported by Coinbase.

Yes, it is.

I’m already seeing the token listed in Coinbase Pro. Also, see today’s announcement.

Supported on l1 maybe but not on zksync or is there an announcement about that too? afaik there aren’t any popular l2 exchanges (not sure there are even unpopular ones :smiley: )

yes non that I know off, I will switch to L2 once there is a suitable exchange place,

You can’t send it directly to the exchange, but it can be sent to the Coinbase Wallet since it accepts ERC20 tokens.

As Coinbase doesn’t support zksync, you cannot send the tokens to the Coinbase wallet on L2. Note, it is not recommended to have your STORJ sent to any exchange address regardless of it being L1 or L2. What you can do is get your STORJ sent on L2 via zksync to your own L2 wallet (for which you control the private keys) and then when you want to “cash out” you can send your STORJ from your L2 wallet to the L1 exchange address directly via zksync. There is of course a fee for this, but it is very close to the normal ETH transaction fee and can be paid directly in STORJ from your L2 wallet.


aa, on pro coinbase. I was looking for it on regular coinbase.

The reason for not putting your storj direcly into an exchange like coinbase crypto etc is it uses a master wallet to lower fees and your payment address can get changed at any time.

I would use MyEtherWallet for payments as this hangs off the blockchane its self and your address is static.