Getting paid to Coinbase Pro Storj address (not using zksync)

Now that Coinbase Pro has a Storj address for depositing Storj, can I use that address for receiving my monthly Storj payout? I have seen the comments about not using any exchange address due to not owning the private keys but other than that is there some other reason why storing coin on an exchange is not recommended?

Exchanges can stop supporting Storj any day. This has happened before with Binance. At that moment Coinbase might force you to sell but not withdraw.


I feel like someone (@Alexey ) should write a little FAQ about payment where all the questions are answered, that pop up every day on the forum but have been answered like a hundred times already.
Questions like:

  • Why do we get paid in USD?
  • Can we not use a different blockchain?
  • Why can’t we get paid to Coinbase Pro/Binance/etc directly?

Would make it easier for us to answer posts like these with just a link to that FAQ instead of searching for a reference ourselves or having to start a pointless discussion again.

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We have it:
Need to find ones for USD and switch blockchain though

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That’s not a FAQ and you know very well that most people are too lazy to read through several forum threads.

Yes and even read FAQ, I know :slight_smile:
I created a task for the documentation.