Getting Set up: Port Forwarding Issue - no ipv4 option


I’m new to storj and looking to get my node set up.

However, I’m unable to complete the port forwarding process, as I’m not granted an option to forward via ipv4 connection by my router - the only 2 options I’m given are “dhcp” or “ipv6” (see screenshot).


Not sure what steps I need to take from here… any guidance much appreciated!

What router do you have? Did you check the router’s admin manual regarding port forwarding?

Thanks vanfront - I use the Tilgin HG2381 router. And yes I did, however on the guide they recommend using dhcp. Admittedly I’m a bit out of my depth with all this, so not sure if this option is appropriate for this use case?

Additionally, if that’s correct, for the destination IP address should I be inputting the IP address created using No-IP?


Sorry for the noob questions, just want to make sure I’m doing things correctly, as I have a feeling it’s must easier to get it right from the outset than try to diagnose later on :slight_smile:

Pretty sure DHCP is correct. The destination IP is the LAN IP of the node. Leave source IP as is. Pick TCP as protocol and put 28967 in all 3 port fields.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes