Getting Storj Crypto out of Coinbase Wallet - Help!

Hi and apologies in the first instance for such what will appear such a simple request.

I’ve been messing about on CoinBase and have placed some Storj crypto in the Coinbase Wallet and now I can’t do anything with it - I can’t transfer it, I can’t swap it - it would appear I can’t do anything with it.

It keeps saying ‘miners fee’ to which I’ve placed some Etherium tokens to cover the miners fee but nothing - I just want to get the money out.

Can anyone help a naive novice???


Welcome to the forum @MarkKirbyLeeds !

First, I would strongly recommend you to edit your first sentence to remove the profanity.

Secondly, you need Ethereum (ETH) not ETH token to transfer Storj token. When you said you transferred “something” what did you exactly transfer?

Apologies - no offence was intended and clearly things got lost in translation a bit.

I transferred Storj crypto from my Coinbase App to my CoinBase Wallet - and it’s here where I’m stuck as I can’t do anything with it and I seem to be going round in circles trying to get it out.

Hopefully this makes more sense and apologies once again for any offence.

I completely understand your situation. When we are frustrated our emotions take control over everything. You would need to have some ETH to pay as transaction fee or miner’s fee. What did you transfer thinking it was Ethereum tokens (ETH) for gas?

I’ve read ur message with some hope. I’m a novice at this and have some Storj crypto in my Coinbase Wallet - but can’t seem to do anything with it as in put it back into my CoinBase account, convert it, send it or anything. Keeps coming up with ‘miners fee’.

Are you able to help or advise a naive novice?


You need to have ETH on your wallet to be able to move tokens, there is no other way, except opt-in for zkSync: Configuring zkSync Payments - Node Operator
In case of zkSync you will be able to pay fee for withdrawal from L2 (zkSync) to L1 (Ethereum) in STORJ tokens, i.e. you do not need to have ETH on your L2 to be able to withdraw to any L1 address, include STORJ deposit on Coinbase exchange.

However, it can help only for future payments. The existing ones you can move only with ETH.