Getting to the trusted satellites list

Hello. I’m the author of, service which gathers nodes from Kademlia pings and neighbors, collects their public info and shows it aggregated or per-node. More precisely, was collecting. Now, after Kademlia removal, it seems there are no more ways to watch for new nodes. Thus, almost all storjnet features will be lost except displaying uptime chart for known (or manually added) nodes.

So the question: is there any chance my ID could be added to trusted satellites list (which is planned according to blog post)? This satellite will not upload any data, just check nodes uptime and store their info with history.

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This should be a SNO user choice. They could add your satellite to the white list if they want to make use of your service.
I realize that means you can’t collect network wide information, but I think the privacy of SNOs trumps the availability of this information.

would it be possible to make your satellites queries less frequent it seems to me that every two minutes is unnecessary just a thought


I personally don’t want any satellite to aggregate my information, show my actual location on a map and display information without my consent. If and when I face any issue I would email support than rely on any satellite to show me and the whole world, status of my node.

The idea was to detect downtime as fast as possible so precise chart could be drawn and accessed without registrations and notifications later could be added. I’ve started these checks before v0.19, at that time they we considered OK spawn no errors to logs. Looks like I’ll stop these checks soon.

Until the last day, everyone having your node ID could get your address (and location) directly from Storj network. Same is with storjnet: without ID nobody can find your node information there.

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Well I need to thank you then. If you hadn’t published your website SNOs wouldn’t have known the importance of NOT disclosing their node ID.

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I would like to stop seeing the errors for your untrusted satellite on my logs, is there a way to block that satellite in the config.yaml settings, no disrespect to you @3bl3gamer

It IS blocked, that’s why you’re seeing the errors. I think what you want is just an option to suppress those errors.

Negative. Instead it would be better to integrate your ideas into one of the existing satellites. We have plans for email notifications. CC @atikh-as-a-user
We also have plans to show overall network stats. CC @stefanbenten
We don’t want to track down every storage node because that are informations nobody is willing to share. Notification yes but I don’t want to trade it with privacy.