Github China download slow?

Came across this one:

and the suggestion:

I hope storj officials can set up a mirror image in China, or trust the code in some code hosting gateways in China

Which brings me to the question how about putting a mirror on Storj DCS? I mean if Storj does not do this for their own software, why should anybody else do it? So this might not just solve the issue of the issue reporter, it might also serve as nice showcase.

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A friend living there told me setting up any nontrivial commercial webapp within the great firewall of china is pretty cumbersome, with some paperwork involved. For Storj this would mean either satellites or S3 gateways. Storage nodes themselves are definitely below the radar for now, so pure libuplink should be fine.

That’s what AP1 is for. Both of those already exist.
Including uplink with a storagenode would add to much bulk though. But the gateway makes that unnecessary to begin with. I think this could easily work, the thing that remains is just to decide which satellite to pull from. I believe the goal was to automate that part and make all gateways act as a global distributed gateway and automatically pick the closest one. But I’m not sure this is in place yet.

Either way, I agree with @jammerdan that this seems like a no brainer use case. However, I di think it requires a fallback. Just think if something happens that causes satellites to not be able to communicate with nodes and they need to update nodes quickly to get the network online again… that would be a catch 22. Network is offline, so nodes can’t update. Nodes need to be updated to get the network back online.


That’s a good point and agreed. However Storj not using their own network for this kind of stuff always makes me think of a cook who would not eat in his own restaurant…
Why should anybody else have a meal there then? Maybe it’s even safer not to go out for dinner to such a place. :smile:

Well let’s be fair here, GitHub is probably where they manage their releases in the first place. It’s an all in one solution which simplifies the process a lot. It’s not impossible to use external storage, but before this complaint there wasn’t really any reason to add that complexity. Now that there seems to be a reason, I think it’s a good idea to eat your own dogfood.

Of course it is. And nobody is expecting to make a second Github based on Storj DCS. But uploading the newest release additionally to Storj DCS and offer a download from there should not be too complex and possible to fully automate. And if a solution for such a task does not yet exist, maybe it is even worth to develop it and make it publically available.

They’re inside the Great Firewall of China?

The servers aren’t in China and I don’t think that they are in the allowed list of the firewall.