Goodbye and Goodluck

I go offline from Storj forever. And I need to inform why. Let the people think.

I try to use 4TB HDD for 48 hours. A get $0.02 for this time and this sum was held. So in this case I ask myself why I do it? Where is my profit yet? A only one correct answer I found for myself sounds: stop and never again.

From the other side, the reason why I may be left in Storj project is this rules:

  1. No held amount and I get payouts every month.
  2. Adequate payouts.
  3. Stable traffic and storage fill faster.

I am not amateur hobbyist and I make investments in real good projects but this was no good project how I see. I just lost my money and I will not wait from 9 to 15 months for to get this little cents.

So I turn OFF my node. I hope someone understand me and make right solution how to work in the future for make more nodes over the World.


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you look like amateur hobbyist
good luck :slight_smile:


It sounds to me like you didn’t do your due diligence and had unrealistic expectations. Storj is not a get rich quick scheme, but you can make a decent profit over time. It’s fine if that’s not for you, but you could have known all this beforehand and you never gave it a chance to become profitable. :man_shrugging:


Even the slightest effort reading through some documentation before “making an investment” would have made clear the reasoning behind the held amount and that this project is not profitable for many months after starting a new node.

I wish you well in your future investments and remind you that it is important to spend some time understanding a product or service before investing in it.

Warm regards


You didn’t listen to any advice that any of us gave to you in the start of your expedition we all said storj isnt a get rich fast or reality make profit in a short amount of time… Don’t know why your expecting to make tons of money in 48 Hours of running a storagenode…I explicted said storj isnt profitable with 1TB hard drive let alone a few GB stored in 48Hours time…


Why people are still confusing Storj with a crypto mining project?


To the point, haha. :joy:


I did exactly five minutes of reading on Storj when I noticed it in the TrueNAS apps catalogue a couple of weeks ago, and about a minute into that I’d already come to the conclusion that it’s something best suited to make use of space that I already had but wasn’t using yet, like Chia.

I’m frankly astounded that people would see the threads about how slow the storage fills up and the payout reductions and think they should be investing in brand new hardware for it… at least the guy only bought a 4TB drive, I guess?


Well, I bought hardware for it because it’s a fun thing to be involved in and it “made me” start to dabble in Linux so I prefer to keep my nodes segregated from my “normal use” machines.

But yes, never done with the intent of making a profit :slight_smile:


Yep, same here. I don’t think I’ll ever recover the amount of time I spent on learning how to optimize the setup from just Storj revenue. But what I’ve learned I’m now applying to my regular job, and the profit is immense ^^

I’ve pretty much became the local expert on storage.


It started out for me as a nice way to earn a small amount on existing always online hardware. More than 4 years later I have made several purchases to expand and now have an external bay with 10 HDDs which are just running for Storj. I never spent a cent that I hadn’t already earned with Storj though and now I’m making about $100 a month. Most of that is profit as the majority still runs on existing always on hardware. So yeah, definitely possible to make a profit, but definitely not massive income. Just reasonable long term return on investment. Though at this point I would say, buy large HDD’s. This is usually cheaper per TB and saves on energy costs to maximize profits. Though, that might be a more long term route to take. Start with what you have remains the best advise.


3 years and a lot of job for 150$ mounth.


Yours is bigger than mine…. :smirk:


Oh for sure, if it pays for itself to be expanded that’s one thing (and honestly, probably what I’ll end up doing if it ever fills up what I already have and can justify it with my own data hoarding - a while off yet I suspect, since I got 8x16TB in RAIDZ2 :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I definitely wouldn’t do it from scratch just for Storj, I think.

That said, thinking about it, 4TB is only $70 which is a pretty small investment to announce a departure over… just slap it in your desktop as a data drive at that point.

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4TB drives are pretty worthless for anything for desktops since there all SMR drives… These drives needs to be tossed into the garbage.

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Eh, I don’t think they should be written off as e-waste. SMR is fine for media files or keeping documents handy. They have a purpose as cheap and cheerful archival drives, people just forget that they’re intended for “write once, read many” use cases. For a Plex library or backups or something, they’re more than adequate.


Have you tried to fill a SMR drive with media files lol…Even writing just once it takes ages to fill a 4TB drive…Ask me how I know. These drives also loose data all the time I wouldnt trust them with media files.

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SMR drives are not fit for any RAID (like) implementation. And yeah, writing the entire drive all at once is going to be super slow either way. But if you just add files gradually, the use cases @Mircoxi mentioned are perfectly fine for these drives. They have a purpose, but they should be clearly labeled and marketed as only fit for intermittent writes.
Also if you do use them for backups, don’t bring them online for the backup and take them immediately offline afterwards. Give the drive time to write CMR cache to SMR regions before they spin down. Most drives will automatically spin down on idle. So you can rely on that and let the drive figure it out itself.

None of which is a realistic use case no one is gonna spin the drive down when its not in use and it is impossible to do while its running. Your not gonna bring it online or offline that doesnt make any sense… I do not use a raid for it I stored an 8gig file on it and it lost it. The drive is pretty much empty. And this isnt the first time its lost data dont you remember when I said my identity files disappeared from this very drive. The drive is still in good health there is 0 failed sectors. You should not store anything important on a SMR drive ever.

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then just sell it and buy better drive.
also may be fimware update will help.

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