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Seagate ST4000DM004 - HDD FAQs
check this, looks like you have bad hdd

Logical Failure Examples:
Accidental deletion, accidental format, file corruption, software bugs, file system corruption, viruses and malware, and many, many

There is also a utility to download firmware

Hmm that sounds exactly the problem an i have 4 of these drives…

They are intended as a source of Neodimium magnets for you DIY garage. :grin:


@digitalfrank is there any trick on that? I’m running a dedicated-server in data-warehouse with 1 Gbit Netlink and 50 GB storage (currently 30 GB linked to STORJ-Node). Only 6 GB is used! The node has been running now for month.

I’m not expecting to get rich here, but STORJ rewards should at least cover hardware/server/running costs! At the moment I’m getting 5~8 USD per Month. It would not even cover electricity costs if I would run this “at home” and it’s far away from covering Server costs at all.

Any tipps or tricks?!

I hope you meant TB for all of those GB’s there. :smiley:

I have a tip: Readjust your expectations. It will take time for your node to collect data and start earning. @digitalfrank must have multiple nodes in different locations/IP ranges, otherwise he couldn’t have collected that much data. Take a look at this estimator to get an idea of what is realistic to expect per /24 IP range. Realistic earnings estimator


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I have 22 nodes in 10 different subnet /24 . and i have 0 costs of elettricity because i have 3 kw of solar panel.
I have 2 server proliant dl380 g8 e 3 storageworks d2600, in the next mounth i will activate others 10 nodes with 5 others different IP. I have 2 internet connection fiber 10gbit/2gbit and failover in 5g. ;-))

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Be careful with these upgrades! If Vadim senses you geting close to 200TB, he will double his nodes. :grimacing:
Just do it Ninja style :ninja:t4:.


as i understood, there soon will be official ruul against multi ip in one fycical location

ok. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i have 10 ip in different locations in Italy

how then do you have 0 power bill?

I have 3kw of solar panels and 6kw of battery. My adbsorbiment is 950/1000 watt max and i pay not plus of 50€/mounth of electricity, then 0 for all this hardware. i have others services on these servers for others scope


then you have very good setup.

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I’m planning to build something similar.

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The size does not count!

Since its an Gang…ehhh Group-projekt :joy:

Well, all the costs are just lumped into upfront costs for solar panels and battery, plus maintenance. Saying that’s its zero is at the very least misleading.

Where I live cost of solar power is barely breaks even with just buying electricity from the power company for 30 years.

I have solar and battery too.
It impossible to make predictions for Return on Investment because you need to make assumptions on the energy market over the course of 10 years. Doing that is a wild guess.

It is, however an investment that gives you a return that is at least as good as inflation rate (if not slightly better) without any tax liability.

Also, the non-monetary value of such a system is some level of energy resilience (power cuts become much less of a worry) and some emissions reduction (which can be significant in the UK if you shift your grid draw to times of reduced carbon intensity).

The last two are difficult to put in terms of a monetary value but they do have value to me nonetheless.


You right. I’ll be back.

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