Google linking to outdated terms of service?

I did a google search for storj terms and conditions
The first search result links to last updated in 2018.
The second search result links to the more modern: updated January 30, 2019.
The 3rd search result links to which is apparently from 2016.

My suggestion is, if your not using the older terms of use/service pages, get rid of them so people won’t end up seeing outdated info if they enter your site from google search, or make it so that they all display the same updated content, unless those 3 documents are supposed to be different from each other.

That’s a good find. There are links to non existent pages like too. I wonder why make new pages when its easier to edit the old ones. Also old links would be crawled up by search engines too.

Ok I’ve pinged some folks about this , thanks for the headsup

hi again, I heard back from legal. they say that the agreements are being updated and should be in place soon. thanks!

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