Got 2 internets here, how to make node2 to use 2nd? under 1 pc (Not solved)

Hi. So i run 2 nodes, coz my apartment got 2 internet connections.
But its on 2 computers, i want to make it 1, to save electricity.
How to make 2nd node to use wi-fi connection? (and 1st stay on lan)

I tried some things but its more complicated for me.
Its Windows 10 pro. its something to do with switches? add adapter in DockerDesktopVM’s settings? or just to add some commands after “run” so he uses specific network?

i read that there’s some option to make an network in docker (but i dont know which type)
and then to put its name after run command (but i dont know where to place it)
Best regards.

I think you’ll need to create two network Bridge with your virtualization software. connect one docker node to one, and the second to the other.

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Thank You for Your voice. I asked at docker community, but had no support, its really hard for me let me say so far i know thats for sure, there is default bridge, named “bridge” and it has “docker0” it was made automatically with the Docker desktop instalment and the first internet, that was at the time. I need to create 2nd one, to the 2nd internet, and name it differently. ( i used "inspect network <network_name_here>) to see whats docker0 options are, so i can try recreate it with command: “docker network create [OPTIONS] NETWORK”). But this docker networking is complicated, theres 1 more network belonging to docker, some which has “null” driver, i don’t know if this will be created along with the new bridge or i need to make it too, so Question whats else to do next, after i will got new bridge linked to 2nd internet? Just connect that new network to storagenode2 by “docker network connect [OPTIONS] NETWORK CONTAINER” ?