Got a signal from the OS: "terminated" {"Process": "storagenode"}

Under what possible automatic circumstances (I mean if it’s not me restarting process manually) do we receive this message:

2023-01-06T13:31:43.445Z        INFO    Got a signal from the OS: "terminated"  {"Process": "storagenode"}

It just popped up and I wonder why. Version is newest as of today (1.69.2), so no, it wasn’t version update.

What operating system are you using?

To give some general information: I don’t think Storj software ever sends a ‘terminate’ signal to the storagenode. (That’s SIGTERM on *nix; CTRL_(CLOSE|LOGOFF|SHUTDOWN)_EVENT on Windows.) Even when there is an update, the existing process is shut down with an ‘interrupt’ signal (SIGINT) on *nix, or SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP on Windows.

To investigate further, we’ll probably need to look at your setup. What OS, are you using Docker, and if so do you have a watchtower container running?

@thepaul thanks for response, I’m using CentOS 7, Docker, watchtower is running

Could it be that watchtower was trying to update the storjlabs/storagenode docker image? I know there was a relatively recent update to the image.

Did the storagenode actually stop/restart after getting the ‘terminated’ signal, or did it just log it?

My version was (before the restart) and remains after restart 1.69.2. It was actually restarted

An update of the storjlabs/storagenode image would not necessarily change the version of the storagenode binary, though. The bare image just knows how to download and run the right binary.

Check your watchtower logs- I’m betting it says something like “Stopping /storagenode” at around the same time.


You are correct! Thanks :slight_smile: