Got disqualified, have no idea why


So, I’ve been running my first StorJ node for couple of months. On Ubuntu, with Docker, automatic updates enabled.

Everything has been smooth until September the 15th, when I suddenly got the infamous Your Node Is Disqualified email.

The server has been up all this time, the network is working without any issues, and according to the log the node is still happily down- and uploading data.

I have made no changes whatsoever on the server.

This is more than a bit annoying. Why is there no warning, and why does the disqualification message have no info whatsoever about the reason the node got disqualified?

How can I debug this further? Is there any way the disqualified node could be “re-qualified”?

The ID of the node is 1SsWXt4iQ6ezS3bhWAScFcvmR9hBijQ3M5gX6ZJpwgcXfTXGfM

There is only one possible reason. Your node failed to provide correct piece data for audits. You can find the specific errors in your log when searching for lines with GET_AUDIT and failed in them.

Then it is not disqualified on all satellites. Check the dashboard to see what satellites DQed your node and what your audit score is.