Got issues with my node don't know how to act precisely

I will explain, i have currently an issue with my hard drive, and it took me two days to find out what it was, and since the node was crashing during the night, i lost about 10 to 12 hours of uptime.
I found out that my hard drive has some issues on storing data over the amount that it is already stored, that I can probably solve with chkdsk with windows, but to do so i have to shut down the node for even up to 2 hours or 3, so currenlty i have limited the max space in the config file to what i already had occupied without crashing and so far so good for about 3 days, now, should I wait next month to solve the issue or should I do it now, resulting in a longer downtime?

I would try to solve it now and be done with it. Another couple hours of downtime won’t hurt besides lack of traffic and having some data start being marked for deletion after ~4 hours. Unless it’s the case of “if you touch it, you’ll totally break it” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tried and fixed it, now online for 3 hours hoping it doesn’t crash after 7 hours or when i go to sleep xD