Graceful exit after 1 DQ?

Good morning all, I’m at 6 months on my windows GUI installed node. I’d like to gracefully exit it, but even trying one satellite at a time, it keeps saying I’ve been disqualified on a satellite. I’m aware of this and want to get out from the other ones with my money.

Am I not allowed to gracefully exit if I’m disqualified from one satellite? Did the gracefully exit period go up from 6 months already?
You are not allowed to initiate graceful exit on satellite for next amount of months:
Error: You are not allowed to graceful exit on some of provided satellites”

If your DQed you cannot run GE on it, If its not a 6th month node you cannot run GE on it.

6 months is today. DQed from one satellite, but been getting paid for server 2TB of data to and from the others for months. One satellite DQed means you can never gracefully exit?

Dq means you can never run GE on that satellite. If you just hit 6months I believe you still have to wait till your first contact date.

you can try dq on the others. but if you lost too many pieces on their satellite too, you might get DQed during GE.

I don’t want to DQ. I’m only DQed on one. Others are perfectly healthy. Been DQed since a failed data move months ago, only on the one.

Trying to shut down node since I have a better one up. But I want my $20 from the satellites I’m good on still.

Which satellite were you DQ’d on? Can you post a screenshot of your Held Amount History for this node? First contact is the important date to determine when your node is 6 months old on a particular satellite.

Held Amount Table Example

I believe what @kevink meant is that if you’ve been DQed from one satellite because you lost some pieces then it’s likely you lost pieces of the other satellites as well. The satellites just haven’t realized it yet.