Graceful exit before the time

some time ago i tried storj on my main desktop letting it run while i was using it, after some days i decided to set up a new config just for storj and not knowing i could transfer the node i decided to create a new one. Now i would like to graceful exit from my main desktop but i need to wait for about 6 months.
Is there a way to graceful exit before the time or i should keep it off? Let it running would mean splitting the traffic for the other node in my network(which is the main one).

If the old node only has a few days of traffic on it, it seems to me that you have very little to gain from doing a graceful exit.

It has around 20gb but i would like to do it just because i think it’s good for the network

AFAIU the network is currently under testing. Thus, what is good for the network is to act in the same way as people are likely to act when the network goes into production. In other words, act egoistically. :slight_smile:

(Please correct me if I’m wrong.)