Graceful exit but didnt get paid

I gracefully exited a few weeks ago, but I have not been paid. Most likely because the payment was not high enough. What can I do now to get my Storj?

Hi @heartbeat ,

Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I’ll forward you issue to the team for some solutions.

Payouts are sending in the first two weeks of the next month for a previous periods.
If the owed sum would be greater in 4 times than transfer fee, it will be send, otherwise it will be postponed until that requirement is meet.
You can opt-in for zkSync on exited node and receive your payout independently of Minimum Payout Threshold in the nearest payout period.
You need to restart the node after the change to allow it to check-in on each satellite to update your wallet options.


Unfortunately, the node has been deleted, and the machine has been sold. Is there another method?

If you do not have a backup of your identity, then unfortunately no. You can only hope that owed sum would be in 4 times greater than transfer fee at some point.

The other method is setup a new node with the same wallet address and start earn to increase a balance.

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you are very smart man you always find a good answer … i really enjoy reading your posts :))