Graceful exit - held amount

I did the graceful exit successfully, i.e. I have the completion receipt, but the held amount has not been paid out yet.

I guess the held amount will be paid out with the next monthly payout.

Do I have to keep the node running until the payout or can I shut it down now and will still receive the held amount?

Thanks in advance!

If you have a look at gas prices

You’ll see that there’s problems with payouts at the moment.

Thanks for the information, but I am opted-in for zksync, which should not be affected by gas prices. Also the graceful exit was already last week.

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If it finished in this month, you’ll get the payment next month.


So I can shutdown the node and will still receive the held amount?

You can, but keep your completion receipt, just to be sure. This is your proof that you completed graceful exit successfully.