Graceful exit of old nodes and starting from scratch

Hey every one,
I am asking myself if i should Do it…
I have old nodes with 4tb but little egress earning much less $ than a newer node with less space…

Has anyone done this before and if yes how was your graceful exit / experience after starting from scratch…

i think most of your old data is test sattelite data, so may be it is logical to GE only from test sattelite? And your node will be veeted and have space

I have an old node as well with 12TB of data, full in the same condition.
Is there any list or documentation where we can check which are the test satellite to perform a GE?

storagenode exit-satellite
Are you sure you want to continue? y/n

Then entering the test sattelite Stefan-benten’s url should then Do the Trick?

Please enter a space delimited list of satellite domain names you would like to gracefully exit.

Press enter to continue:

Is there a list of test satellites?

This is on my possible ge list

Test satellites are us2, saltlake and europe-north-1

Satellites for real customer data are us1, eu1 and ap1

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Thanks… One last question…
If i ge the test satellite i will not be able to join them…

Is there a plan on using the satellites for New test data i will otherwise miss?

Once ge is complete it is never possible for that node to rejoin the satellite.

This is possible but nobody knows. Current perception in the forums is that the test data will not increase.