Graceful exit on a young node

My node is pretty new (around 3 months) and I’d like to decommission it since the server it is running on will be decommissioned.

I do understand i cannot do a graceful exit because of <6 mo age, but is there any way i can preserve the network’s health?

The network will not lose any data when you take your node offline.

You could also move the node somewhere else if you desired.

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I know, but wouldn’t then I cause repair traffic, this way?

Yes you would, and that’s what the escrow you’ll be losing from the held back amounts will go to pay for.

SNO’s get paid for repair traffik (not as much as egress but still).

So you’r held amount will go to other SNO’s to repair the redundancy of the files no longer on your node.

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So i just turn it off and delete the data? That’s it?

That’s all she wrote!

You can safely delete your identity files too, they are not re-useable with new data later.

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